Jade is very pleased to be an industry leading contractor in the UK to achieve BOPAS accreditation status for our unique light gauge steel system (JGG System) for use in steel construction housing.
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Offsite Health and Safety

Reducing accidents onsite

Although great improvements have been made over the last 40 years, the UK construction industry continues to be a dangerous place in which to work.

The industry accounts for only 5% of employees, but it accounts for 31% of fatal injuries to employees, and 10% of reported major / specified injuries.

In 2013 and 2014 there were 42 fatal injuries to workers – a small improvement over previous years. There were also an estimated 2.3 million working days lost, of which 1.7 million were due to ill health and 592,000 due to workplace injury. Over half the fatal injuries resulted from falls from height, contact with moving machinery and being struck by a vehicle. Falls and slips & trips accounted for 35% of employee injuries. Handling was the most frequent cause of over-seven-day injury.

Against this background there is a growing recognition that an approach to construction that involves an increased focus on assembling buildings and infrastructure on site from a set of quality engineered components offers an opportunity to address some of the fundamental causes of accidents. This includes reducing the number of trades on site, reducing the need for scaffolding and avoiding the site storage and handling of bulk materials.

The HSE are supportive of this position and also supportive of the health and safety benefits of an increased roll for offsite construction methods.

The process of accreditation evaluates and facilitates the adoption of best practice by manufacturers and constructors in key performance areas such as risk management, competency management, configuration management, procurement management and process control at each stage of project development, through concept, design, manufacture and construction. A structured and systematic approach at each phase of the project life cycle will ensure consistency and repeatability and the Accreditation Scheme requires this discipline to be adopted by organisations seeking accreditation and their suppliers/subcontractors. The assurance of repeatability, delivered through the accreditation process, will provide assurance to:

  • Asset valuers, mortgage valuers and surveyors providing for a more consistent through-life performance of the innovative systems/products and therefore reduced variability in asset value.
  • The provision of latent defect insurance, as any form of variability in the system or product warranted, introduces greater risk for the warrantor.

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